"This process is something everyone must have done. Having had numerous neck problems, I've had to adjust my neck myself every day for several years. Now, I check every morning and I find I don't have to adjust it anymore. It's staying in place. It's wonderful! I urge everyone who reads these words to have this done. Most sincerely,"

Phil Barbutes, ND,
Hot Springs, AR

"What I've found most beneficial is improvement in my posture. Walking, driving, even while sewing, I'm more upright. And it's natural, not forced. Really amazing. In fact, Im now uncomfortable if I'm crunched over. My friends can see the difference too."

Lorraine Parish, Clothing and Fabric Designer,
Martha's Vineyard, MA

"Believe me - I'm the original skeptic. If I were an apostle I would have been Thomas. But I can tell you, I've been raving to everyone about my experience. What I've noticed most is that now I could balance a book on my head if I wanted to; before, it just wasn't on my shoulders correctly before. I don't even feel my head. Plus, I have so much energy!"

Carol S., self-described 'professional volunteer',
Hot Springs, AR

"During the process, it felt like the room got 20 degrees hotter. As you were speaking, I could feel the vibration going down my head to my toes, then back up through my teeth. Afterwards, I felt very light. Since then, I am different somehow, although it's difficult to put it into words. I have a much greater ability to move my neck and spine, sitting, turning and even when I shoot baskets. My wife and daughter and I all notice we have more flexibility."

Scott Indermaur, Photographer,
East Greenwich, RI

"This appears to have amplified the kundalini awakening I experienced in 1975. I felt a big rush of energy and violet light pouring into my head and throat. My neck has never felt so free. Plus, my brain seems to be functioning better. It's amazing."

Yolanda Lindwall, Co-Founder,
Hot Springs, AR

"I am in my 60's and have body issues, most specifically with osteo-arthritis. I immediately felt the sensation of being years younger. My body felt light and agile, and the increased mobility in my neck continues to surprise me."

Spencer Berger, Designer,
Newport, RI

" I was so 'high' afterwards it almost felt like a religious experience. It has changed my life, and I"m telling everyone, "You've got to have this done!" At first, I actually had a hard time walking because everything was in a different place. My feet are now pointing straight - I can sit up straight. It's miraculous. And several people have told me how great I look."

Sandra Bailey,
Hot Springs, AR

"I didn't think much had happened until I went to the grocery store right after I had it done. I was surprised to notice that I wasn't slumped over the shopping cart like I usually am. I was standing up straight, effortlessly - and I have been ever since."

Katya Corney, author, speaker, 40 yrs. spiritual counselor,
Hot Springs, AR

"What I felt right away was a deep sense of stillness - peace within. Plus, my shoulders have been tight and up around my ears for years. After it was done, they relaxed and went down by themselves. Before, I couldn't make them do this, even when I tried. Friends have seen the difference i how I look as soon as they've seen me."

Brenda McDaniel, RN, CHT,
Hot Springs, AR

"My range of motion has improved so much that I can actually turn my head and see behind me. Before, I had to move my whole body just to see enough to change lanes while driving."

Lawrence Schumacher, BS, MEd, Writer, A.I.M. facilitator,
Hot Springs, AR

"If I can word it very briefly - if I'd known before what I know now, I would have traveled anywhere and paid any price to have this done."

Maggie Burks, LMT, CHT, Owner
Hot Springs Yoga Center,
Hot Springs, AR